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  • Tianjin Wanghai Technology Development Co., Ltd. Gas Production and Filling Project

    Environmental Impact Assessment Publicity (Third)According to the Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment, the Environmental Impact Report on the Gas Production and Filling Project of Tianjin Wanghai Technology Development Co., Ltd. and the Public Participation Statement on the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Gas Production and Filling Project of Tianjin Wanghai Technology Development Co., Ltd. are hereby made public in full, as detailed in the attachment.Atta

  • Clean energy buses usher in a new era of carbon dioxide emissions reduction

    Everyone knows that carbon dioxide has a destructive effect on the environment and plays an extremely important role in the formation of the greenhouse effect. Therefore, controlling the generation of carbon dioxide is the responsibility and obligation of each of us. In recent years, Shenyang public transportation has set a good example for us.According to the environmental protection department of Shenyang, in order to reduce the content of carbon dioxide in the air, improve people's qualit

  • How much do you know about the properties of butane?

    Do you know what butane is? Perhaps many people would shake their heads if I asked this question: Do you know the gas in the lighter? I believe the vast majority of people will say, I definitely know! The main component of gas in lighters is butane, but do you know its properties and uses? Below, I will discuss with you the properties and uses of butane.Butane, also known as n-butane, is a general term for two alkane hydrocarbons with the same Molecular formula. Including: n-butane and Isobutane

  • Baosteel's Class 4 gas products have been evaluated as national first-class standard substances

    A few days ago, Baosteel Metal and Baosteel Gas passed the final review of the national first-class reference materials, and the company's four categories of products including Hexafluoroethane in helium were rated as national first-class reference materials. According to national regulations, all customers in the country who need to purchase first-class standards for this type of gas need to identify Baosteel Gas for purchase in the future, marking that Baosteel Gas has reached the leading

  • Scientists have made breakthroughs in hydrogen production from corn straw using new models

    Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, April 6- Researchers at Virginia Tech, USA, have made breakthroughs in hydrogen production from corn straw using the new model, which can greatly reduce carbon emissions and costs in the production process. This achievement was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on April 6, which may help accelerate the popularization of low-cost and low-carbon hydrogen powered vehicles.Percival Zhang, professor of the Biological system Enginee

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Oriental Ocean Chemical Technology Pte.Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wanghai Technology") was established in January 2022, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. It is located in Nangang Chemical Industrial Park, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Binhai, Tianjin, with an area of 20000 m2 and an existing factory building area of 12000 m2. The company mainly produces and operates Noble gas, laser gas, standard gas, Medical gas supply, Electric light gas, electronic special gas and ultra-high purity gas products, and is committed to becoming the promoter of domestic gas industry development.


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